Add Curb Appeal with These Stylish and Practical Tips for Exterior Doors and Windows

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September 9, 2022

Add Curb Appeal with These Stylish and Practical Tips for Exterior Doors and Windows

We love a great front porch theme with decor, seating, and maybe a few plants. However, hand painted signs and fashionable doormats can only add so much curb appeal. To truly make your home look inviting and sophisticated, you'll need to address its "bones." Often, this means taking a look at your exterior doors and windows. 

If you want to elevate your home's curb appeal, you won't want to miss these tips on practical and stylish exterior doors and windows. 

How To Add Curb Appeal with Your Doors and Windows 

Whether you want to make minor tweaks or significant changes, these tips will help make your home one of the best looking on the block! 

New Windows and Doors for a New Look 

Adding new windows and doors can instantly give your home a facelift! Consider practical but aesthetically beautiful options if it's time for a window or door replacement. Sidelights and transoms are great ways to add interest to your front door. Double-hung windows with multiple pane sashes also add character while allowing lots of natural light to filter into your home. 

Consider a New Color Scheme 

If your budget doesn't allow for new windows and doors just yet, paint can come to the rescue! Sometimes changing the paint color of your door or window frames is all it takes to refresh your home's exterior. A pop of color on the front door can be eye-catching and fun, allowing you to be bold while not making your home stand out too much. 

Accessorize Your Windows

Have you ever considered shutters for home? Shutters are often an inexpensive way to add some charm without having to replace or repaint windows. If you have existing shutters, switching up the color scheme is a quick curb appeal fix! A window trellis is another statement piece for your exterior. Or, if you're looking for Old World charm, you may want to consider decorative wrought-iron grates. 

Add New Door Hardware 

How quick and inexpensive is adding new door hardware? A door handle, a knocker, or even a kick plate can transform your front door look. It's an effortless way to increase your door's sparkle and create a polished look. A touchless screen deadbolt is a beautiful and high-tech way to boost security and sophistication. 

Do Some Landscaping 

Clear hedges and branches away from windows and doors to help them stand out. Add landscaping directly to your windows by using planter boxes or hanging baskets. You can then change up the foliage with the seasons. Planter shelves are great for beside the front door. Planting aromatic herbs can look beautiful and greet your guests with an inviting aroma. 

While all these tips will add curb appeal to your home, starting with a great canvas is best. Consider the security and quality of your windows and doors, and whether or not they need to be replaced. Updating these features on your home is a guaranteed way to add curb appeal while keeping your family safe and comfortable.

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