Fun and Elegant Back Porch Ideas & Designs for Small Homes

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September 9, 2021

Even if our homes aren’t mansions, we want to have all the luxuries those who live in larger homes have. A back porch is one of those things that, once you have it, you wonder how you ever lived without it.  

Here at Carolina Home Exteriors, we specialize in helping homeowners get the porch they need, whether the home is large, small, or somewhere in between. In our experience, here are some great ways for owners of tiny houses to make the most of their back porch.

Plant in Pots

One thing the owners of small backyards find challenging is gardening. If you think your space is too small for both a porch and a garden, we’re here to say you can have both. All you need to do is use pots or built-in boxes for your flowers or veggies. Growing a garden in small spaces is an option more available today than ever before.

There are stackable growing receptacles, terracotta pots, and even rectangular boxes that one typically sees outside the window. You can have a garden and a porch if you have the right design, which is more than possible with our services.

Make the Most of the Space

The same thing goes for a grill, a table, or even a fire pit if that’s what you want. Our experts have taken a small space and turned it into the back porch of dreams, and we don’t want you to have to sacrifice what you want.

One way to save space is a built-in bench that also serves as a storage unit. We can look at your area and help you make the most of it because our experts have the knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Let it Grow Upward

While pots and planters are a great way to grow in a small space, so are pergolas and arbors. When you lack the freedom to build outward, sometimes you have to go up. This doesn’t only go for grapevines or ivy. You can add shelves for storage or just hang some blinking lights to give your space a welcoming atmosphere.

Our experts are also here to help you in this area and are ready to discuss the best way to move your deck up a notch or two with a trellis or overhead structure.

Don’t Forget the Screens

While we all love hanging outside, there are times when the bugs are a bit too much, and we would like to separate ourselves from them. But why should we have to go inside and miss out on a beautiful evening? We don’t.  

Protection from pests is only a screen or two away, and we have helped many homeowners in the region turn their porch into a space they use more often.


Small doesn’t mean it can’t be a functional space. We’ve created decks that make the most of small areas, so give us a shout, and we’ll start planning your porch.

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