Types of Porches and Decks

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November 8, 2021

We love our homes, so it’s not a surprise many people extend theirs by building a porch or a deck. Some readers may be asking, “Aren’t porches and decks the same thing?”

No, they’re not. We understand that the distinction between the two is so minuscule, most people don’t know them.

Porches and decks are our livelihoods at Carolina Home Exteriors. So, we put together a piece that will explain the difference and let you know the types available to you. If you have any questions while reading, don’t hesitate to give us a call. One of our specialists will be happy to answer them.


A porch is typically a structure attached to the front of a building. Porches are not exclusive to residences. Porches on businesses go back farther than the old west. The literal definition of a porch is an addition at the front of a building that’s covered.

Types of Porches

There are several types of porches you can build in front of your home.

Open Covered Porch

This type of porch is standard. It has a floor and a roof. It has a few posts to keep the top up, but the porch is completely exposed to the elements.

Screened Porch

This type goes a step further and puts screens around the porch. These are wonderful during those months when bugs are flying everywhere. Screened in porches add a bit of comfort when you want to be outside.

Multi-Seasonal Porch

Otherwise known as a three-season porch or sunroom, this type of porch offers outside views all year round. They can be constructed around a fireplace and offer a space that you can use anytime.

Detached Porch

There are ways to build a porch in the front of a home that isn’t attached. They’re also known as covered patios. The nice thing about this type is you can put it anywhere on your property you like.


A deck is typically in the back of a home, and it doesn’t need to be covered. Decks are usually made of wood planks and extended out from the back of a house. The only businesses that take advantage of decks are typically restaurants or grills.

Types of Decks

There are five main types of decks.


This type goes out from the back of the home and extends into the backyard. They don’t have a cover and are typically one-tier.


You can step it up a notch when you add tiers to your deck. It creates several spaces out of one.

Wrap Around

These types of decks go around the house, sometimes partially or to a porch. You can extend the base out in one area and pull it back in another.

Roof Top

People who live in apartment buildings deserve to enjoy the outdoors too. They do this by adding a deck to the roof. Some homeowners put a deck on the garage.


A detached deck is somewhat like a separate porch but without the roof.

As you can see, there are ample options for every type of building. Having an outdoor area to hang out isn’t for one property type alone. Give us a call, and we’ll help you design the perfect porch or deck for your home.

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