Plants - The Perfect Decor Accessory for Your Porch or Sunroom 

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April 18, 2022

Your sunroom or porch is a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors without having to venture into the wild. Exposure to sunlight, fresh air, and a view of nature can all be experienced without giving up your interior comforts. Whether you have a cozy decor theme or a modern aesthetic, plants are the perfect way to bridge the gap between the outdoors and in.

Decorating your sunroom or porch with plants will create a seamless transition while making the space both refreshing and relaxing. Here's how! 

Determine Your Space's Style 

Contemporary spaces may benefit from small potted plants that offer pops of vibrant green color. Tropical-themed sunrooms or porches will look lovely with jungle plants and large potted fronds. Knowing your room's decor scheme will help you choose just the right foliage for the space.  

Don't Forget About the Environment

When it comes to plants, making sure the environment suits them is vital to their health and beauty. A porch exposed to the elements and fluctuating temperatures may only be suitable for cold-hardy or shade-loving plants. Alternatively, a sunroom that acts as a mini-greenhouse is the perfect spot for plants that thrive in warm, sunny climates. Unfortunately, if your space isn't ideal for your plant, it may not be a decor element for long. 

Use Plants as Accessories 

A show-stopping plant that you've been growing for years can make a wonderful centerpiece. However, those starting from scratch will find it much easier to select medium to small plants and use them as accessories. Ivy looks excellent trailing down a bookcase, and cute succulents can brighten up any coffee table. Larger potted plants can fill awkward empty corners or frame an entryway. 

Take Time to Ponder Your Pots 

The pot or planter you choose can affect your space's theme just as much as the plant itself. Pots come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Pay close attention to how the container will fit in with your decor. For example, fun-colored or vibrantly decorated pots might not go well with a farmhouse theme. A great rule of thumb is choosing a container that will allow your plant to flourish while also fitting in with the aesthetic of your sunroom or porch. 

Our Favorite Plant Decorating Ideas 

  • Colorful and cheery sunrooms with vibrant, lush jungle plants and bright blooms to complement patterned rugs or pillows, bold furniture, and a uniquely designed table. 
  • Contemporary porches that use small succulents and miniature potted shade-loving plants to grace modern-farmhouse tables or accents surrounded by sleek and straightforward seating options. 
  • A sunroom meant for dining, complete with a table arranged with floral centerpieces. Hanging plants can add colorful interest to the spaces and another visual layer to the room. 
  • A plant lover's oasis, the indoor garden. If you're a true plant enthusiast, consider having your decor and furniture take a backseat to your foliage. Plants of all sizes, shapes, and colors can immerse you in the outdoors while comfortably seated in your sunroom. 

Let us help you build the perfect space to bring your sunroom or porch plant decor dream to life! 

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