Integrating Smart Home Technology into Your Outdoor Spaces

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May 13, 2024

Indoor-outdoor living spaces, like sunrooms, are an opportunity to reconnect with nature. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some smart home luxuries while soaking in the outdoors. Integrating smart home technology into your outdoor spaces can enhance comfort and convenience. Whether you're adding waterproof speakers that are perfect for entertaining or weather-tracking tech that tells you when it's time to seal up your sunroom, this list has something for everyone!

The Best Smart Home Tech for Your Exterior Spaces

Don't let the term "smart home technology" fool you; these devices are as suited to the outdoors as indoors.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Adding a sound system to your patio, pool enclosure, or sunroom used to come with a host of concerns. Namely, what would happen if the speakers got wet? Fortunately, waterproof Bluetooth speakers can handle a few splashes. Some are designed to stay in place, while others feature convenient portable housing. They're an ideal way to listen to your favorite song or podcast whether you find yourself inside or outside your home.

Wi-Fi Extenders

Many outdoor-indoor living spaces are situated directly off the home. However, if you have a gorgeous outdoor feature you want to enjoy, like a natural pool, structures like pergolas or patios are often constructed nearby. Their distance from your house can make internet connection tricky, unless you have a Wi-Fi Extender. Also known as a wireless access point, these devices allow internet access all over your property. You can stream a movie under the stars, host a dance party, or simply scroll while you soak up the sunshine.

Outdoor Smart Lighting

Many outdoor lighting options exist, but what about smart outdoor lighting? These technologically advanced lights can automatically turn on or off depending on their environment, change color with the press of a button, and withstand all the elements. Motion-activated smart lights can also be beneficial for safety reasons. You or your guests will no longer have to traverse a darkened yard to get from the house or driveway to the outdoor living space.

Weather Trackers

Sunrooms and screen rooms are a great way to enjoy nature without ever having to leave your home. In both cases, the expansive panels of the room can usually be opened to let in fresh air and a lovely breeze. However, surprise summer storms can put you in a panic about protecting your furniture and décor – unless you have a smart weather tracker. Weather tracking tech is more customizable than an app on your phone, keeping you updated on air pressure, temperature, and wind speed happening right in your backyard. Many can send you alerts to changing weather or monitor patterns to discover the best time to plant, water, or harvest your outdoor gardens.  

Smart Tech for Beyond Your Home's Backdoor

If you've added an outdoor living space to your home, you know how comfortable, convenient, and functional these areas can be. Sunrooms, pergolas, pool enclosures, and other outdoor-indoor living spaces allow you to truly experience all that your home and property have to offer. Adding smart technology will only enhance those benefits, making your outdoor living space the best spot on the block to entertain, bond with family, or just sit back and relax.

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