How to Design the Perfect Sunroom Addition for Your Home

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August 19, 2022

How to Design the Perfect Sunroom Addition for Your Home

Adding a sunroom is perhaps the best way to make use of your outdoor space and expand your indoor living area. These multipurpose rooms invite you to relax and unwind with the ambiance of the outdoors and the convenience of indoor features. But how do you design the perfect sunroom to enjoy all your home and yard have to offer? We'll tell you! 

Three Simple Steps to a Perfect Sunroom

Pick the Purpose of Your Sunroom

While sunrooms commonly serve as a sitting area, these transitional spaces can offer so much more. Knowing how you plan to use your sunroom will affect the design, so plan carefully. 

What are the ways in which you can use your new space? Sunrooms are ideal for entertaining. You can use them as an overflow room when hosting large events, set them up to function as a game room, or simply design them as a casual space for brunch or tea. 

Sunrooms make excellent locations for hobbies too. Their bright and sunny space makes them perfect for exercise, meditation, or reading a good book. A four-season room can benefit from a daybed or pull-out and be used to increase your square footage when guests come over. Alternatively, instead of leisure, you can turn your sunroom into a productive space, like a home office. 

The intended purpose of your room influences everything from your design to your furnishings. It should be the foundation of your planning. 

Think About the “When” 

When do you plan to use your sunroom? Year Round or just when the weather is favorable? Sunrooms can be designed as warm weather spaces, three-season rooms, or four-seasons rooms. 

A warm weather sunroom is ideally enjoyed only when the temperatures are favorable. They aren't set up for heating and cooling; therefore, their atmosphere depends on external conditions. 

As you may have guessed, you can use three-seasons rooms more frequently. They're more resistant to drafts and temperature changes but not outfitted with constant heating and cooling, meaning you may need a fan or space heater on occasion. Alternatively, four-season rooms are genuinely an extension of your home. They are designed to be used with HVAC systems. They have added security features while still having expansive inviting glass windows and roofs consistent with sunrooms. 

Finish with a Design Theme

The most enjoyable part of designing your sunroom is choosing a design theme. Think about if you want your room to reflect your home's current theme or function as a getaway. Continuing your theme is a great choice and can be done by carrying your color palette into the space. Small touches of natural decor and patio seating can help your sunroom invite the outdoors in. 

Alternatively, you can turn your room into a true oasis that offers a different feel than the rest of your home. Popular themes include rustic cottage, seaside escape, or tropical getaway. Regardless of your theme, you can often find sunroom furniture and furnishings designed for indoor/outdoor spaces. 

A sunroom is an excellent way to increase your home's square footage and fulfill your wishes of having a unique living space, whether for working or relaxing. If you need guidance on how to incorporate your dream into your sunroom design, we can help. 


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