3 Tips to Add Value to Your Home without Breaking the Bank

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March 16, 2023

The costs of home ownership never truly end.However, that doesn’t mean you need to forgo updates or fixes. Inexpensivesolutions can help add value to your home without breaking the bank. 


Whether you’re still trying to manage mortgagepayments or aren’t ready to sabotage your savings with a whole home overhaul,these simple and budget-friendly house improvements can satisfy your interioror exterior update urges and boost your home’s financial worth. 


Paint. It’s amazing howmuch a fresh coat of paint can accomplish! Painting your space, either insideor outside, is a simple and affordable way to give it a complete facelift. Thepower of paint can help add color to a dull and tired aesthetic or help refreshdaring decorating choices of the past. 


However, it’s important to consider a few keyfactors before adding a coat of paint to your walls. First, there is no reasonto hire a pro (especially if you’re budget-conscious), but you do want tofollow expert tips and techniques. Do some research on how to paint like a probefore you load up your brush. Next, consider the paint type. Indoor paint isdifferent than exterior paint. 


Furthermore, there are various types of each,such as eggshell or satin interior paints. Knowing the qualities of each willhelp you make an informed decision. Finally, gather your tools. You don’t needto spend a fortune on painting supplies, but at least stock up on rollers,brushes, and a few other basics. 


One of the simplest ways to add value,painting can increase your home’s value by a few thousand dollars. 


Update hardware and fixtures. Fixtures and hardware are smaller items that can make a bigimpact. Cabinet hardware like drawer pulls, lighting, faucets, and door knobsare all considered hardware or fixtures ideal for updating. 


In most cases, new knobs for your cabinetswon’t be a splurge. Many home improvement stores have a wide selection ofhardware options that fit various budgets. Additionally, you could alwayssource your new-to-you items from antique or resale shops for a one-of-a-kindvintage look. 


While it may not seem major, updated hardwareand fixtures are selling points that future buyers will look for. It’s hard todetermine how much these updates will increase your value. Still, experts notethat updated lighting fixtures, in particular, are almost always a safe bet forROI. 


Consider the exterior. If you truly want to add value to your home without knockingdown walls or ripping up floors, consider the exterior. Landscaping isfantastic, and adding plants or outdoor features can boost your home’s curbappeal. But we’re talking about a slightly bigger (yet affordable) project –outdoor living spaces. 


You have a lot of options including decks,sunrooms, screen rooms, and Eze-Breeze rooms. Outdoor living spaces can addsquare footage and value to your home. Experts estimate your return on asunroom could be around sixty to eighty percent. Plus, there are lots ofbenefits to you as the homeowner. They are cozy and comfortable spaces to enjoynatural light and the outdoors without being exposed to the elements. Sunroomsare an excellent way to marry the outside and inside, allowing you tosimultaneously experience outdoor and indoor living. Eze-Breezewindows can provide a cost-effective and versatile alternative to traditionalglass windows, offering increased ventilation, protection from insects, energyefficiency, and durability. A screen room can provide a comfortable andfunctional outdoor living space that is protected from bugs, weather, and otheroutdoor elements.



Depending on where you reside, decks can be agreat choice too! They add functional outdoor living space that is fantasticfor hosting events or family dinners. For how much they can increase propertyvalue, the building process is often affordable, quick, and easy. 


Interestingly enough, oneof the best ways to increase the value of your home is to update its exterior!If you’re ready to up your property value and create an enjoyable outdoorspace, Carolina Home Exteriors can help.

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